The Medical Reformist, an organization of young African medical professionals on the island of Cuba collaborated with the 2030 Youth Alliance and the Secretariat of the African Youth SDGs Summit to convene Youth SDGs Policy Roundtable in Cuba. The event took place on Monday, 15th April 2019 at the Julio Antonio International Camp in Artemisa, Cuba and brought together over 138 participants from 27 countries.

The second edition of the African Youth SDGs Summit ended with stakeholders reaching accords of taking stocks on the implementation of recommendations from the previous summits, capitalize on commitments and continue the mobilization of the youth, key stakeholders and institutions for advocacy for SDGs. In line with the action plan from the 2nd African Youth SDGs Summit, the 2030 Youth Alliance through its members seeks to convene Youth SDGs Policy Roundtables at country levels to mobilize and provide a platform for youth engagement and participation in the SDGs implementation and accountability processes.

The first of such engagement took place on 15th April 2019 spearhead by the Medical Reformist in Cuba.

Cuba is home to many international students in various fields of study, where youth-led initiatives and Youth leadership are a priority for integral social development. The Medical Reformist explored the context of the International African Students Camp of Friendship Africa Cuba, an annual 5-day summit organized by the International Brigade of Friendship Africa Cuba for the event.

Click HERE for the full report and read how young African Medical Professionals in Cuba are showing practical commitments towards the SDGs with much focus on SDG 3, Good Health and Well Being.